2/23 checked up
Doctor said she can start to taste rice cereal.
We fed her rice cereal of Earth's Best with some formula that night.
She expressed it was disgusting!
She didn't like it!

Then we kept trying next day.
The condition was the same.
But she ate more than first day.

趴趴 is her favorite activity now.

身高 25 1/2" 
體重 14~15 lbs
頭圍 42.5 cm 

Diphtheria 白喉, Tetanus 破傷風, Pertussis百日咳
Polio 小兒痲痹(脊髓灰質炎)
Heamophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib) 乙型流感 嗜血桿菌疫苗

Pneumococcal Conjugate 肺炎雙球菌
Rotavirus 輪狀病毒 (口服疫苗)


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